Reading the Word at Mass demands commitment, dedication and enthusiasm.

Ministers of the Word who believe that Scripture is the Word of God and have respect and reverence for the presence of God in the Word will be better able to convey these beliefs to the community so that when the Word is read with clarity, sincerity and conviction it has the power to touch lives and change hearts.

Men or women can be ministers of the Word so long as they are in full communion with the Catholic Church and are committed to the practice of their faith. Ministers of the Word should be willing to undertake training and formation.


If you would like to read the Word at Mass speak to one of the priests or parish staff.

Here are some resources to assist you with your Ministry;

  1. Information sheet on the reading protocol at Catholic Cathedral Parish. Readers-Protocol
  2. Pronunciation guide (in phonetics) of all the names and places referred to in all the yearly readings. Download the Pronunciation-Guide here.
  3. A readers formation taken from the pages of ‘Break Open the Word”. Download the Readers-Formation here.

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