Session 1 – Growing in our relationship with Jesus (Growing in Holiness)

a. How the Saints can help us in our relationship with Jesus – Fr Simon Eccleton
When looking at the Saints of the Church, many people place them on a pedestal, thinking that we can never be like them. But they were just like you and me, people whom God used in extraordinary ways because of their faith and trust in God. The saints can also help us in our efforts to be saints. They are our friends and they help us and intercede for us. In this workshop you will learn about how saints become saints, how they let the Holy Spirit work in their lives, and how they can help you grow in your relationship with Jesus.

b. Growing in our prayer life: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – Fr Tien Cao
Eucharistic Adoration has expanded throughout the world in recent years. Pope Benedict XVI once said that for the world to change, there must be Eucharistic Adoration. What is Adoration, what do I do in Adoration and how can it help my prayer life? Come to this workshop and hear how Adoration can change your life.

c. Praying with Scripture – Fr John O’Connor
Praying with the bible is one of the most powerful ways of coming to know God and Jesus Christ more deeply. In this workshop learn about different ways of praying with scripture.

d. The Gift of Reconciliation – Fr Thanh Tran
When we talk about meeting or encountering Jesus, the sacrament of Reconciliation is often not thought of as a powerful moment when we can reconnect with God. But it is, and is this great moment of encounter we come to discover a God rich in love and mercy. Come and learn more about this amazing gift from God.

Session 2 – Building (and strengthening) our parish community

a. Caring for the sick and dying – Fr Job Thyikalamuriyil
A fundamental part of the life of a Catholic Parish is exercising the Spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Caring for the sick and dying is one of these works. Come to this workshop and learn more about this important ministry and how you can be involved.

b. “Everybody Hurts – a trip into the world of evangelising hospitality” – Sue and Wayne McTague
In the Cathedral parish we have placed a high importance on hospitality and welcome. The way that a parish welcomes its people and fosters a sense of belonging is crucial to the evangelising mission of the parish. This workshop will look at why it is important and how can we do it better.

c. Discover your gifts and talents: An introduction to Clifton Strengths Finder & Called and Gifted – Matt O’Connell
God has made every single person unique, out of his great love. He has given every single one of us natural talents; talents that we often don’t even recognize. He has also given us supernatural gifts to be used for the building up of His Church. The Church is one body, made up of many parts and we need all the parts. Come to this workshop and learn more about your natural strengths, your spiritual gifts and how these can be used in the service of our parish.

d. Alive and Growing in Christ: – Kirsten Challies
God is greater than our minds can comprehend and capable of achieving more than our largest dreams. Sometimes God’s greatest limitation is our own expectation or our inability to see God at work. Be encouraged to give the Holy Spirit room to move in you, in our parish and in our city and hear about our call to be disciples on Mission in Christchurch in 2021.

Session 3 – Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ (Mission and Evangelization)

a. What is Alpha and how is it used in a parish? – Carly Mulqueen
Alpha has been one of the most successful evangelizing programs in the Christian Church in the last 30 years. Millions of people have come to know Jesus more deeply through attending Alpha. This programme is now operating in parishes throughout our diocese. Come and learn more about how you can help.

b. Youth Ministry: a whole parish responsibility – James Bryant and members of the Catholic Youth Team.
One of the most common questions in a parish is where are our young people? Parishes that have successful youth ministries are parishes where every person in the parish takes responsibility. Come and learn more about what sustainable youth ministry looks like and how you can help.

c. How do I share my Faith? – Breaking the Silence about Jesus Christ – Kirsten Challies
Many parishioners experience God in their lives, but can doubt it, seeing that as weird or something only experienced by particularly holy parishioners. But God engages ALL of us! Come and find out how to share your own story of faith, in your day to day living, at Mass or in written form. Hear how your story can enable others to break the thundering silence of faith sharing.

d. The Bishop has asked us to do WHAT!!!! – Clare and Phil Bell
The Boarders aren’t even open so how are we to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth? Join us as we explore ways we can be Missionary disciples, sharing the Good News of Jesus with others in our own families and city. We will look at some structures and ideas we can set up within our Parish.

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