Thank you for answering the call to serve Christ through our Church ministries.

The word ‘ministries’ comes from the Latin word meaning “to render service”. Ministries is used to describe the different ways in which Catholics exercise various functions within the Church. A ministry has the ultimate aim of building up the kingdom of God as revealed by Christ.

The Catholic Church including our Parish is encouraging everyone in our faith community to increase liturgical participation through the various ministries so more parishioners take ownership of the Mass.

There are many ministries you can serve in, such as: Altar Servers, Readers of the Word, Children’s Liturgy, Intecessory Prayer, Eucharist, and Music, as well as care of flowers, and the candle stand.

If, for any reason, you are not able to serve on a day you are rostered please organise to swap with someone or find a replacement.

You can find more information on each of the ministries, and contact details if you would like to serve, below.

Altar Servers

Readers of the Word

Children’s Liturgy

Eucharistic Ministry


Care of flowers

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